Breaking free from the norm
Get unstuck by making a plan and building passions through a personality portfolio.
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Maybe you're feeling lost
It's understandable. Maybe you're a history major who doesn't want to be a historian, or a philosophy major who doesn't want to be a philosopher. There's value in the liberal arts, but nobody really tells you how to connect that value to your future career. You might be a student trying to figure out what they want to do after graduating – or you might be a recent graduates who's less than thrilled with your day to day work.

Maybe you're feeling stuck.

You've checked all the boxes that you were told to – but you're no longer sure you want to check the boxes in front of you. A high paying business or tech job seems like the path of least resistance. Even if you know you don't want to do it – you don't know what else to do.

Maybe you're feeling skeptical.

Fulfillment and passion are overrated. You can suffer through work to make enough money to enjoy life after work. But with work being more than 50% of your life, isn't it worth it to try and find that dream career a little earlier on?

We'll be using a proven framework from Seth Godin's altMBA to help you build passions that you connect to a real career.

You won't find any online lectures here.

Everything in this workshop revolves around discussions with peers like you, real projects to build passion, and a personality portfolio that breathes humanity into career.

This isn't just another Teachable, Coursera, or Udemy Course.

Breaking free is built around Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive. There are no quizzes or tests. There's only you, waiting to level up.
Breaking free is a four week online workshop to help you build passions around a career you'll actually enjoy.
Schedule: Here's what you can expect week to week
Week 1: Debunk common myths, map out interests, and create a game plan
Week 2: Explore new possibilities to find careers you'll love
Once we know what you're interested in, we'll brainstorm more careers than you ever thought possible, and find roles that don't exist on the internet. You'll reach out to people at your dream companies here – and we'll give you templates for it all.
Week 3: Start to build your personality portfolio
Once you've started to build the bridges to careers that you're interested in – you're going to work on your story. This week is all about creation. You'll pick from recording videos, creating content, writing articles, researching case studies and more, in order to develop your personality portfolio.
We'll start by helping you find the interests that you've had all along – while debunking some very common job myths. We'll equip you with the tools to reframe situations to see possibility where you previously saw obstacles.
Week 4: Next steps, projects, and adulting 101
Nice! Now that you have a game plan in place, you're ready to hit "Go". You'll learn how to create projects that show your work instead of telling it, and you'll get a bonus mini-series on cost of living, taxes/investments, and travel hacking.
September 9
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September 16th
to September 22nd
September 23rd
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September 30th
to October 6th
We use premium communication tools like Slack and Zoom to make sure you can communicate with your team from anywhere.
Your sylla-box ($150)
Slack and Zoom technology ($150)
What's included in breaking free?
We don't believe in a syllabus. We'll ship you your sylla-box with all of the readings and project materials you'll need for the workshop.
- Personality Portfolio to show employers your unique story
You'll receive one on one mentorship and coaching in any of our workshops, and you'll meet weekly with your coach!
Personalized Coaching ($500)
- Purpose project to catapult you into a career you'll enjoy
- Remote teams to hold you accountable and help you do better work
- Unlimited text/email support from your coaches and Yash
- Weekly calls with Yash to help you stay motivated and on track
What is the time commitment?
The next session of Breaking Free runs from September 9th to October 6th.

You'll have two 2-hour meetings with your group every week (we'll work around your schedule to make sure the timing works), an optional coaching call, and individual projects.
This isn't a cost – it's an investment
We have staggered tuition for 2019.
This does not affect financial aid.
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