Struggling to find a career that you're interested in?
You're not alone. Build passions and kickstart a career you'll love with LifeSchool.
Applications close September 5th for Breaking Free
What is LifeSchool?
LifeSchool is a series of online workshops to help you build passion(s) and skills. Our month-long workshops help you work on real projects to build your portfolio and interests. Join a community of peers – find careers with meaning – and build your professional skills.

of college graduates are underemployed in their first job
720 out of 900

top employers would prefer to see a cognitive and technical portfolio
>70% of jobs

don't ever get posted online
Don't wait for life to pass you by
Make a choice. Build your passions.
This isn't like any online program you've taken before.
LifeSchool is 100% project based. You won't find any boring lectures here.
8 projects over 4 weeks help you build the skills you need to get any job you want.
Join a group of professionals, mentors, and peers committed to your success.
We meet 100% of need-based financial aid to ensure money isn't a barrier for any student.
Our Programs
We have three different 4-week workshops – tailored to the different problems people face in navigating their career. We only accept 20 students for each Workshop. You can view our outlines here.
Workshop 1: Breaking Free
Workshop 2: Standing Out
Define meaning and passion
Build a resume & linkedin
Business communication
Skills gap assessment
Common job myths
Luck creation
Strengthsfinder test
Human networking
Goal setting
Interview practice
Cover letters
Workshop 3: Experimenting
Work 4 Micro-Internships
Creative problem solving
Dates: October 7th - November 4th
Dates: December 16th - January 13th
Experimenting - Coming Soon
No-code tools/projects
Professional feedback
Dates: September 9th - October 7th
Applications Close: September 5th
Applications Close: October 4th
Applications Close: December 1st
Tuition: $499
Tuition: $499
Tuition: $499
Tuition and Financial Aid
We have staggered tuition for Fall 2019.
This does not affect financial aid.
Apply 4 weeks before a deadline to get our early bird discount rate, and save $200
Apply Now
Apply 1 week before a deadline to get our regular-early discount rate, and save $100.
Apply Now
Apply in the last week for our regular tuition rate.
Apply Now
We use premium communication tools like Slack and Zoom to make sure you can communicate with your team from anywhere.
Your sylla-box ($150)
Slack and Zoom technology ($150)
What's included in a workshop?
We don't believe in a syllabus. We'll ship you your sylla-box with all of the readings and project materials you'll need for the workshop.
- Professional networking
- Near-peer mentorship
- Personal portfolio
- Alumni community
- Private job board
You'll receive one on one mentorship and coaching in any of our workshops, and you'll meet weekly with your coach!
Personalized Coaching ($500)
You have to figure out your early career alone.

What if you had community, support, and guidance instead?
At LifeSchool, you'll work with 20 friends alongside coaches who will help guide you through the obstacles of finding a career that you love and that pays. In our workshops, you can build a portfolio to impress anyone, skills to rock your first job, and friendships to support you far beyond college.
Apply To LifeSchool!
LifeSchool is by application only - each workshop is capped at 20 students. Admissions is rolling, and varies by workshop.
Still Have Questions?
Feel free to email Yash at
Our whole lives – we are told to comply, achieve, and perform. If we do well enough, we'll "find a passion", and live a happy life. That's the narrative we accept, and it's why we put ourselves through daunting research papers, horrendous calculus tests, and the occasional all-nighter. Delayed gratification and compliance are the pillars of a modern education.

But the world is changing. Fast. We can create a different narrative.

You would have better luck winning the lottery than you would "finding" a passion. Nobody can "teach" you passion either. You have to build passion. That's why we created LifeSchool. Because passion should come first, not last. The rest will follow.
Coach & Founder
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